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Ana sayfa - Clara Seren Amram

Clara Seren Amram

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Clara Seren Amram Yazıcıya Gönder
Born in Lima, Peru (11 June 1968) and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, she is

the eldest of four children (3 girls and 1 boy) in a big warm and loving

multi-cultural family.

Clara's passion for cooking, sports and health began during her teenage

years. Her father, a banker by profession but with the soul of an artist,

was her inspiration in the kitchen and all things artistic, and her mum's

love of the garden (especially the cultivation of orchids) led her into the

garden, where much of the family's pulsing life occurred. It was a life full

of friends and family gatherings, pets (6 dogs, several birds, some

turtles), parties - a perpetual fiesta. The rich cultural and ethnic mix of

Caracas (Chinese, Italian, Middle Eastern, Spanish and Latin American -

especially Peruvian, Argentinian and Mexican) poured into the family's home

and kitchen. With both the beach and the mountains within easy reach, there

were lots of opportunities for sports, swimming, climbing, etc.

After finishing high school, she went to study languages and Haute Cuisine

in Switzerland, where she developed her passion for cooking. Returning to

Venezuela, she completed her studies with a degree in law school from

Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas.

Clara married Leon Amram and moved to Istanbul, Turkey (where her father and

her great-grand parents had been born), and has been living there since then

with her family. Unable to decide on whether to follow her passion or

profession, she went on to obtain her Law equivalence in Turkey. She also

gave birth to two wonderful children, Isabella and Jeremy. She also has a

third child, a bit furry and oversized: their gorgeous Great Dane dog called

Romeo, really considered a member of the clan.

In the meantime, Clara developed her knowledge about "Fit Foods" over a

period of 15 years in the kitchen of her home, one of her favorite places in

the house. Enthusiastic feedback and insistent requests from her friends and

family encouraged her to share her recipes for a healthy and fit way of life

with us.

Clara's hobbies, in addition to cooking, include the daily practice of yoga,

outdoors sports such as trekking, walking in nature, playing ping pong,

swimming, body sculpting, reading and researching, learning languages,

watching funny and romantic films, playing backgammon and organizing theme

parties (she introduced the piñata tradition from Venezuela to Turkey) and

surprises for the people she loves. Clara speaks five languages fluently and

has a moderate knowledge of three more.

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